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Maybe you have photos, tapes, memorabilia - or just want a chat about those Liverpool days. In particular, we'd like to find out how much more of our music may be out there. The mail link is at the bottom of this page.

Now over to our drummer Dave Boyce, who is on the right of the pic. (Presumably he and John, our keyboard player, are holding saxes because their gear was too heavy to lug down to the Pier Head for this shot.) Dave writes:

Details of the two Star Club albums and the Pantomania e.p. have been documented here, and there are certainly some unreleased tracks from these sessions kicking around somewhere. I'm also sure that we did more than two tracks at the Birmingham R&B Festival, and I wonder if anybody has got copies of those? (The recording was made by promoter Georgio Gomelski unknown to us or anybody else on the bill!)

Other Roadrunners' tracks which may or may not still exist include the Decca audition tapes produced by Andrew Loog Oldham in 1963; two tracks recorded by Oriole Records at the Rialto Ballroom, Liverpool, which were considered unsuitable for their "This is Merseybeat" album; and the taped-as-live recording of the first Radio Luxembourg "Sunday Night at The Cavern" show.

At the time Mike Hart left the band in 1965, we were under contract to Philips/Fontana in London, where A&R man Jack Bauerstock had produced quite a few tracks, including at least one with Jimmy Page on lead guitar. None were released.

So, come on you rarity freaks, how about a bit of sleuthing on behalf of arguably the best 60s Liverpool band that most people have never heard of?

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