The Roadrunners

Photos: Lineups

The band went through a number of personnel changes over the years. They are documented in the Family Tree (on the "History" menu). Here you have:

  1. First lineup. L-R: Mike Hart, Pete Mackey, Dave Boyce, John Peacock, Dave Percy.

  2. First lineup. On stage in the Hope Hall - and in colour!

  3. First lineup. Looking a little "grungy" before that term had even been coined.

  4. One of our musical influences was Little Richard, and here we are with him!

  5. Second lineup. L-R: Mike Hart, Pete Mackey, Nick Carver, John Peacock, Dave Boyce. (Johnny Phillips doesn't appear because he stayed behind when the band returned from the second Hamburg trip.)

  6. Second lineup. In the Star Club. Johnny Phillips is on the left alongside Nick in the sax section. Sorry the pic's a bit overexposed.

  7. Third lineup - almost! Dave Boyce (far left) would leave very shortly after this pic was taken and be replaced by Terry McCusker on drums. Then, from L-R: Mike Byrne, Pete Mackey, Mike Kontzle and John Peacock (with friend). Terry makes his appearance below and in the Reunion pics.

  8. Mike K, Mike B & Terry from the third lineup.