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A selection of links to other good 60s music sites - with special emphasis on the Liverpool/Hamburg scenes. Let us know if you should be here, or if any of these links have gone dead.

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Mike Hart - the "lost" session
Youtube also has tracks from Mike's proposed third solo project - not heard for some 30 years.
On the radio
Pete has a few Beatles-related anecdotes in this interview.
Find music from The Roadrunners and also Mike Hart's "lost" solo project here.
A few more pics and tunes here.
Bear Family Records
Producers of a fabulous 4 CD box set of early Star Club recordings, which includes the Roadrunners' first album. Now out of stock, so Google for "Die Ariola Star-Club Aufnahmen". Ref: BCD 16226. (Or try Amazon.)
Cherry Red Records
Publishers of a compilation CD including Mike Hart's first solo album, plus bonus tracks from the Roadrunners and the Liverpool Scene. Also see their download page for a couple of Mike's solo songs (under "M" for Mike, not "H" for Hart.)

Sites with Roadrunners' connections

Hamburg Sites
Glenn Gass of Indiana University has several pics of the Hamburg scene here. Also pics of other sites with Beatles connections.
Hamburg Sites - 2
Hamburg maps, photos of 60s venues, info. A great site from Andy Lisius.
Hamburg Web
If you want to know anything about Hamburg, start here with the city's very own search engine (in German).
K&K Center of Beat
Original pics from the 60s scene, news of bands and gigs. Also a superb collection of Star Club stuff. Highly recommended.
From the Liverpool Post & Echo newspapers, it's a good starting point for contemporary Merseyside stuff and links to some Beatles fan pages.
Mersey Beat
Bill Harry's authoritative chronicle of 60s Mersey music - check out the "Editorial" section for the archived articles.
Merseybeat Nostalgia
A fan site from someone who was around in those glorious days when Liverpool ruled the music world.

Mike Hart

BBC Radio Merseyside
Links to a programme on Mike's career with the Roadrunners, Liverpool Scene and as a solo artist.