The Roadrunners

Mersey Beat: Mike Hart

If you can't read the caption, it says: "THE ROADRUNNERS ARE ONE OF OUR GREATEST R&B GROUPS, SAYS READER". The pic was accompanied by a letter whose full text is below.

On Merseyside to-day, far too many groups call themselves R&B units, and if R&B is not truly defined soon, real R&B will be lost. If a group does "Roll Over Beethoven", "Sweet Little 16" or any such Berry number - that's it, they call themselves R&B groups! Well, if they and Chuck Berry numbers are Rhythm and Blues, then the Beatles are bald, the Escorts are old age pensioners, and the Mersey runs by the Pier Hear crystal clear and drinkable.

From the groups I've heard only two are true R&B in real Muddy Waters, Sonny Boy Williamson, Howlin' Wolf style. They are the Roadrunners and the Mastersounds. Anyone who has heard the Roadrunners will agree with me - they are the greatest group ever! - Ian Shaw

Mersey Beat, May 1-8, 1964. Copyright Bill Harry. Permission has been granted for reproduction.