The Roadrunners

Cavern gigs

The following list is taken from "The Best Of Cellars" by Phil Thompson, published by the Bluecoat Press, 1994, ISBN 1 872568 16 5 (£9.95) - a superb reference book for anyone interested in the history of the Cavern Club.

The Roadrunners appeared in the Cavern Club on each of the dates listed, together with other bands, as indicated. (There were other gigs, but this is what's recorded in the book.)

February 1963

Sunday 3rd
8-hour marathon - with The Beatles, The Fourmost, The Dominoes, The Hollies, Earl Preston & The TTs, The Merseybeats, The Swinging Blue Genes.
Saturday 16th
with The Saints Jazz Band, Johnny Sandon & The Remo Four, Vic & The Spidermen.

April 1963

Friday 12th
R&B marathon - with The Beatles, The Fourmost, The Dennisons, The Nomads, The Panthers, Faron's Flamingoes, The Flintstones, Group One.

May 1963

Saturday 11th
with Group One, The Easybeats, The Rainy City Jazz Band.

June 1963

Sunday 23rd
with The Fourmost, The Delrenas.

July 1963

Wednesday 17th
with The Big Three, The Chants, Johnny Sandon & The Remo Four.
Wednesday 24th
with The Dennisons, The Connoisseurs, The Georgians.

August 1963

Saturday 3rd
with The Beatles, The Merseybeats, Johnny Ringo & The Colts, The Escorts, The Sapphires.

September 1963

Wednesday 4th
with Tommy Quickley & The Challengers, Sons of the Piltdownmen, Gary & Lee, The Escorts.
Friday 20th
with Wayne Gibson & The Dynamic Sounds, Mike & The Thunderbirds, The Mark Four.

October 1963

Tuesday 8th
with The Escorts, The Paladins, The Cracksmen.
Friday 18th
with Faron's Flamingoes, The Mojos, The Victors.
Saturday 26th
with The Escorts, The Mark Four, The Black Knights.

November 1963

Tuesday 5th
with The Master Sounds, The Rolling Stones, The Escorts.
Saturday 16th
with The Classics, Bobby & The Bachelors, Bobby Laine & The Confederates.
Saturday 23rd
with Vic & The Spidermen, The Kinsmen, The Paladins.
Sunday 24th
R&B marathon - with The Big Three, The Merseybeats, The Escorts, The Astrals, The Panthers, The Notions, Derry & The Pressmen.
Wednesday 27th
with The Escorts, Earl Preston & The TTs, The Chandels.

December 1963

Tuesday 3rd
with Chick Graham & The Coasters, The Mighty Avengers, Roy & The Dions.
Wednesday 4th
Lunchtime solo spot
Wednesday 11th
with The Big Three, The Notions, The Mafia.
Tuesday 17th
Lunchtime solo spot

January 1964

Friday 24th
Lunchtime solo spot
Tuesday 28th
with Lee Castle & The Barons, The Inmates, The Panthers.

February 1964

Wednesday 5th
with The Undertakers,The Panthers,The Page Boys.
Tuesday 18th
with The Spidermen,The Ivan D Juniors,The Vibrators.
Saturday 22nd
with The Astrals,The Georgians,The Spidermen.
Wednesday 26th
with Sonny Boy Williamson,The Yardbirds,The Mersey Blue Beats,The Valkyries, The St Louis Checks.

March 1964

Tuesday 3rd
Roadrunners feature in first recording for Radio Luxembourg's "Sunday Night At The Cavern" - with Bobby Sampson & The Giants, The Dions, The Rockin' Rivals.
Friday 13th
Lunchtime solo spot, plus evening session with The Notions, The Mersey Blue Beats, The Concords, The Georgians.
Friday 20th
with The Mersey Blue Beats, The Motifs, The Vigilantes.
Sunday 22nd
with Lorraine Gray & The Chaperones, The Cordes, The Megatones.

April 1964

Thursday 2nd
Evening solo spot
Saturday 4th
Junior Cavern Club - with The Green Beats, Evening, The Feelgoods, The Hideaways, The Black Velvets, Deek's Weirdos.
Sunday 12th
with The Kirbys, The Hideaways, The Clayton Squares, The Escorts.

May 1964

Monday 18th
All day session - with The Clayton Squares, Billy Kinsley's New Group, The Centremen, The Mastersounds, The Hideaways, The Nashpool Four, Freddy Starr & The Flamingoes, The Spidermen, The St Louis Checks, The Georgians, The Blackwells, The Coins, The Schatz.
Wednesday 20th
Lunchtime solo spot
Friday 22nd
with The Escorts, The Easybeats, The Notions, The Cordes.

June 1964

Tuesday 2nd
with The Notions, Herman's Hermits.
Tuesday 16th
with The Kirbys, The Mersey Blue Beats, The Interludes.
Sunday 21st
with The Plebs, The Notions, The St Louis Checks.
Tuesday 30th
with The Redcaps, The Vikings, The Pilgrims, The Mark Four.

July 1964

Sunday 5th
with The Spidermen, The Cheetahs, Them Grimbles

September 1964

Tuesday 1st
with The Hideaways, The Kinsleys

November 1964

Friday 6th
lunchtime session with Kris Ryan & The Questions, evening session with The Clayton Squares, The Notions

December 1964

Saturday 26th
Boxing Day Big Show - with The Chants, The Hideaways, The Kirbys, The Cordes, The Pretenders.

January 1965

Tuesday 5th
with Earl Preston's Realms
Tuesday 12th
with The Notions
Saturday 16th
All Night Session - with The St Louis Checks, The Clayton Squares, The Victor Brox Blues Train, The TTs with Amos Bonny, The TL's Bluesicians, The Jensons, The Gibsons.
Tuesday 19th
with The Michael Allen Group.
Tuesday 26th
with Earl Preston's Realms

February 1965

Tuesday 2nd
with The Notions
Sunday 7th
with The Undertakers
Tuesday 9th
with The Clayton Squares
Friday 12th
with The Notions, Johnny Ringo & The Colts.
Saturday 20th
All Night Session - with Alexis Korner's Blues Incorporated, The Hideaways, The Notions, The Excerts, The Spidermen, The St Louis Checks.
Tuesday 23rd
with The Victor Brox Blues Train.
Sunday 28th
with The St Louis Checks.

March 1965

Saturday 13th
All Night Session - with Kris Ryan & The Questions, The Clayton Squares, Earl Preston's Realms, The Black Knights, The Factotums, The Hideaways, The Notions, The St Louis Checks.
Wednesday 17th
with Earl Preston's Realms.
Sunday 27th
with The Clayton Squares, The Michael Allen Group.

April 1965

Sunday 11th
with The Pretenders.
Friday 16th
8-hour Session - with Kris Ryan & The Questions, The Notions, The St Louis Checks, The Runaways, The Richmond Group, Earl Preston's Realms, The Seftons.
Tuesday 20th
with The Richmond Group, The Michael Allen Group.

May 1965

Friday 7th
with The Warriors (Jon Anderson on vocals), The Richmond Group.
Saturday 22nd
All Night Session - with The Johnny Gus Set, The Hideaways, Amos Bonny & The TTs, The St Louis Checks, The Richmond Group, The Experts, The Blues Pentagon, Billy Butler & The Tuxedos.

June 1965

Saturday 5th
with Earl Preston's Realms, The Feelgoods.

July 1965

Sunday 11th
with The Hideaways, The Richmond Group.

September 1965

Saturday 18th
with The Easybeats, The Aztecs.

October 1965

Saturday 9th
All Night Session - with Cliff Bennet & The Rebel Rousers, The Clayton Squares, David John & The Mood, The Hideaways, The Klubs, The Blue Angels, The Richmond Group.

January 1966

Saturday 22nd
with The Almost Blues, Karl Terry & The TTs.
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